Friday’s Reading RoundUp

I’ve never been a monogamous reader. I just can’t seem to fully commit to one book at a time and need a variety of options to appease whatever mood I’m in when I have time to read. As a result, I always have four to five books strewn about my apartment. On Fridays, I’ll round up these books and report on my progress. Here we go!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

The Shining by Stephen King – So begins Round 2, Mr. King. My first dalliance with this book occurred back in high school and did not end well. I barely made it a third of the way through before closing the book in horror and returning it to the library (Room 217 ::shudder::). Jason just finished the book last week, so of course I wanted to restart it as soon as he finished…I’m not competitive at all 😉 He highly recommend it and mentioned it was quite different from the movie, which I wasn’t expecting. My strategy this time around was limiting my reading to daylight hours within the confines of my workplace. So far my plan of attack is working! I’m over halfway through (and more importantly, beyond the point that tripped me up the last time). It’s starting to get very intense and difficult to put down each day!


Apartment Books:

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne – I recently picked up this book for $1 at a library sale after I realized we would be visiting the house on our upcoming New England trip! I honestly had no idea what it was about… a big house? What are gables? I’m not very far yet, but I plan to keep trucking along. I’m becoming intrigued by the current owner of the house and her developing relationship with the community around her.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – A childhood classic that I haven’t read in a very long time. I started it again on a whim when I noticed the beautiful velvet cover on my bookshelf. Goodness, that little girl is annoying at first, but she slowly is winning me over as she explores her new accommodations. I’m not actively reading this, but return to it now and again when I need a break from my other books.


Kindle Books:

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan – This is a complete guilty pleasure and it is delivering on all fronts. It’s loosely based on the relationship of Will and Kate (if you don’t know to whom I’m referring, you must be a guy or completely uninterested in British royalty…but really, who doesn’t love that stuff??), so I was immediately hooked on that teaser alone. Although to be fair, it’s not based on facts and stands alone as a piece of fiction. Still, I distinctly remember waking up absurdly early in college to watch their wedding and was giddy about diving into a book whose plot resembles their story. I’m only a quarter of the way through, but am eagerly looking forward to devouring the rest.


What books are you currently reading? Have you ever started a book then gone back to try again a few years later?



2 thoughts on “Friday’s Reading RoundUp

  1. I love this idea!
    Haven’t read Seven Gables yet (see other post for explanation!). Scarlet Letter is one if my all-time favorite books, so yay for Hawthorne!
    The Secret Garden is one I had to read for Children’s Lit senior seminar. I couldn’t force myself to finish it. Was it because I was assigned to read it or is it just not my thing?
    Totally have to check out The Royal We!!


    1. I enjoyed the story when I read the Scarlet Letter, but felt it was too wordy. Hoping I don’t run into the same problem with this one! Let me know if you end up reading the Royal We : )


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