First Impressions – Two Bookstores in Downtown Easton

After a quick construction job putting together our new coffee table (during which Jay did all the work and I watched), I lured him out to downtown Easton with the promise of coffee. I wanted to scope out two bookstores that we drove by a few weeks ago.

Entrance to Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee Shop
Entrance to Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee Shop

The first stop was Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee House, a used bookstore and coffee shop. After undertaking some due diligence (Yelp), where I discovered high praise about the food and coffee, but hardly any mention of books, I went in with fairly low expectations.

Cute Display!
Cute Display!

Upon entering, however, those expectations were exceeded. You actually walk into the bookstore portion of the shop, while the coffee bar and dining area are off to one side. In order to appease my research partner, we stopped first to grab coffee and tea from the self-serve To Go area. Delicious smells began wafting around us, so we both agreed it would be worth our while to come back for breakfast one morning. All in the name of research for the blog… of course.

Caffeine in hand, we ventured back to explore the bookstore. Though charming and cozy, there weren’t too many books on the first floor. However, the second floor (though stiflingly hot) offered a greater selection. All of your typical categories of books could be found here: Fiction, Biography, Art, Travel, Religion, and on and on.

The best kind of books!
The best kind of books!
Rooms full of books
Well-stocked rooms

To my dismay, the Fiction section was not particularly large and the majority of books were well worn, but they were at least priced appropriately, mostly in the $2-$4 range. I did notice a brand new hardcover of Stephen King’s follow up to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, for $6.50 and I’m sure with more time I would have stumbled upon something to bring home. Another noteworthy aspect of the fiction section was the presence of chairs. Not wanting to miss a single book, I’m often found crouched down or sitting on the floor in bookstores to examine the lowest levels of every bookshelf. Sitting in a chair felt like a much more dignified way of perusing the stacks and I appreciated the bookstore’s forethought. Jay also pointed out that the books were not organized by author, for those who might find this frustrating.

Overall, despite not making a purchase, I’ll happily return to this bookstore to spend more time searching for a hidden treasure with a cup of tea in hand. I also expect you’ll find Jay and I there one Saturday morning enjoying the food that Yelpers praised so highly!

A quick walk through Easton brought us to our second bookstore, Delaware River Books. This (slightly) off the beaten path store was just one room filled to the brim 20150822_103222with books of varying topics and wear. It was organized into sections, but again not by author. It wasn’t until I found a hodgepodge of books near the register that anything caught my eye. Upon pulling a couple of novels and cookbooks off the shelves, I was pleasantly surprised to see the prices were $2-$3. I did pick up one book, but since it will be gifted to a person who is (hopefully) reading this blog, I’ll refrain from noting the title. Quite pleased with my purchase, we left the quiet older man running the store, with hopes (at least from me) to return again.

Both of these bookstores were not quite what I expected in terms of selection. I didn’t notice the popular trade paperbacks or hardcover fiction that I’m usually seeking. However, their charm and low prices will certainly bring me back when I have more time to browse.

Completely changing subjects, we also stopped at Target and noticed this display in the Blu-Ray section. Great job with the math, Target 🙂

Hmm, I always thought $11.75 was higher than $10
Hmm, I always thought $11.75 was higher than $10

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