Where are all the R.H. authors?

Font_R.svgTrying to find a “book by an author with your initials” has quickly turned in to my most entertaining search for a book to fulfill a category on my reading challenge. Unsure how to go about even finding an author who fit the criteria, I typed “H” into my library’s catalogue and searched for any authors who popped up with a first name that started with “R.” Here have been some of my (unusual) results thus far:


Reginald Haggar – The concise encyclopedia of English pottery and porcelain. Can you imagine the excitement that’s contained in the full length version?

Ralph Hagedorn – Benjamin Franklin and chess in early America. Did Ben Franklin have a significant influence on chess? Almost makes me want to find out.

Robert Hagstrom – The Warren Buffet Way: Investment strategies of the world’s greatest investor. Probably useful but it sounds incredibly boring.

Rachel Haig – Investing for the Long Run. I hope this isn’t a trend…

Robin Hallet – Africa since 1875: A Modern History

Hambleton, Ronald – The Branding of America: from Levi Strauss to Chrysler; from Westinghouse to Gillette; the forgotten fathers of America’s best-known brand names. This is actually the most promising one so far.

Handberg, Ron – Savage Justice. The first novel I’ve come across! From Goodreads, “A phone call from the woman he loved twenty years before plunges Twin City anchorman Alex Collier into an investigation of Emmett Steele, a judge about to be confirmed for the Minnesota Supreme Court.”

Robert Harden – Savage Justice. That’s right, two different novels, same title, BOTH by authors with the initials RH. What are the odds?? Neither sounds terribly interesting, but I was fascinated by the coincidence nonetheless 🙂

30 pages deep in the search and I’ve found nothing I can imagine reading in it’s entirety. Here’s hoping the next 30 pages of results offer something better!


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